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Hannah Kaner

This is a picture of Hannah Kaner. Hannah is a brownish-blonde haired white woman with blue eyes. She is wearing a white shirt and pushing the hair away from her head

Photo: Magdalena Kaminska @intothewoodsphoto

Hannah is the #1 Sunday Times Bestselling author of Godkiller and Sunbringer in the Fallen Gods Trilogy.

She has her heart in Scotland and her roots in the north of England.


This is a picture of Hannah's first book, Godkiller. The cover is a stagh
A picture of Sunbringer which is book 2 in the Fallen Gods trilogy, it has an image of the sun in the backgronud with a statue of a sea god decorated in chains and mirrors in the foreground
BOOK 3 OUT SPRING 2025. Cover and title to be announced soon.

All cover art is by Tom Roberts Illustration. More of Tom's work can be found at the link below.

Rights sold:

Godkiller: HarperVoyager (UK), HarperVoyager (US), Morro Branco (Brazilian), Ciela (Bulgaria), VBZ (Croatia), Book Media (Czech), De Saxus (France), Piper (Germany), Minoas (Greece), Gabo (Hungary), Oscar Fantastica (Italy), Jaguar (Poland), Nemira (Romania), Urano (Spain), Ucila (Slovenia), Olimpos (Turkey) and Artbooks (Ukraine). 

Sunbringer: HarperVoyager (UK), HarperVoyager (US), Bookmedia (Czech), De Saxus (France), Piper (Germany), Minoas (Greece), Oscar Fantastica (Italy), Ucila (Slovenia), Urano (Spain), Olimpos (Turkey) and Artbooks (Ukraine).

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